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A New Font

Org 1 AaBbCcD! for web

Org 2 dEeFfGg) for web

Org 3 HhIiJjKkl for web

Have you ever wished you could slightly tweak the font? I couldn’t resist the temptation to do more. This is “Oliver’s Alphabets” taken to new extremes. I doubt you will see a book written in “Cy’s Organic” anytime soon. I suspect the publisher would go potty, to say nothing of the reader. Even so, please enjoy the sheer delight of the dream. See the full set in “Galleries”.


I haven’t forgotten the craft book. John Winskell, a very good friend and I are working on an audio visual collaboration. His site has some great music. Just click So as they say, “Watch this space!” Exciting developments are in the pipeline. My next post ought to be on the 30th November 2013.