2013 God Cares

Starting with the frontispiece I wish to introduce the thirteen works that appear in my 2013 calendar on the theme of “God Cares for You”. This time I include the bible references that inspired the paintings.

0 Frontispiece  hands for web

His Hands

Here are God’s hands holding the world — 1 Peter 5:6, 7.


1 January mouth for web

His Mouth

We also need living words from God’s mouth to sustain us — Matthew 4:4.


2 February heart for web

His Heart

God’s heart is seen here in two ways: the traditional Valentine heart intersected by the cross where Jesus gave his life for the life of the world — 1 Samuel 13:14


3 March head for web

His Head

Jesus on the cross for you and me — John 19:2.


4 April feet for web

His Feet

God may be invisible, but he leaves tracks — Psalm 18:9


5 May eye for web

His Eye

This star-burst, fancifully arranged over the earth, reminds me of God’s watching eye — 2 Chronicles 16:9.


6 June finger for web

His Finger

Last year scientists discovered the Higgs boson, a very small particle that gives everything mass. Is there new hope for dieters? Alas not, but I do see the finger of God in this — Exodus 8:18,19.


7 July arms for web

His Arms

God’s care for the young and the weak is apparent — Isaiah 40:11.


8 August wings for web

His Wings

Are you in trouble? You may find shelter under God’s wings — Psalm 36:7.


9 September face for web

His Face

Just as the moon acts as a mirror reflecting some of the sun’s light, so the lives of people transformed by God reflect some of Jesus’ glory to a needy world — 2 Corinthians 3:18 and 4:6.


10 October ear for web

His Ear

God hears our faintest whispers and our loud ‘Hallelujahs’ — Psalm 94:9.


11 November mind for web

His Mind

How does one represent God’s mind? I chose the vast range of scale from the sub-atomic to the cosmic. I focussed on the physical constants and meditated on the fact if just one were slightly altered we would not exist. In a small way God’s mind is in us: we did not make God; God made us — Romans 11:34.


12 December shoulder for web

His Shoulder

The world is as divided today as on the night when Jesus was born in Bethlehem, but one day he, the Prince of Peace, will return — Isaiah 9:6.


I hope you have enjoyed this collection. Please feel free to leave a comment. I welcome feedback and I’ll try to respond personally.







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