Chondrus crispus

This is Chondrus crispus, aka Irish moss or Red moss.

The delightful reds in this seaweed and the gorgeous shapes were too hard for me to resist.

Here is the complete weed on a sea background made of the soft wrappings used by florists to wrap bouquets.

Chondrus comp fr backed web

The model has two sides, ‘front’ (above) and ‘back’ (below).

Chondrus comp back web

Chondrus comple ba backed web

Below are the nets I used to assemble the complete weed partially shown above.

First the front nets.

Chondrus Front 1 web

Chondrus Front 4 web

Chondrus Front 9 web

Then the back nets.

Chondrus Back 1 web

Chondrus Back 4 web

Chondrus Back 9 web


The only problem is it took me about six hours to assemble one weed from the printed nets. Cutting has to be precise.

The complete weed did not fit my scanner so, alas, the holdfast is not shown.

A friend has suggested populating the weed with fish, specifically clownfish. This may prove to be an irresistible challenge.

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