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Flower Calendar Pictures—A Sneak Preview


夏休みの間、来年のカレンダーの絵を完成しました。最初の四つは「Flowers for Spring’」


During the summer break I completed my paintings for next year’s calendar. The first four I presented in the spring under the name ‘Flowers for Spring’.

では、こちら。Here they are:

Flowers for Spring

I’m late.

Valentine is past; Mother’s Day is past, at least in the UK; even Easter has come and gone.

Life goes on. Even so, I want to add this post. Finally adding it is a miracle for me personally.

Recent life events have given me pause to value human life more. I want to thank God for the miracle of life, even plant life.

Please click Spring Flowers to view the other paintings.


I have painted a series of four paintings called “Four Seasons”.

Here I explain how I painted them.

Step 1: Draw a design based on a theme.

For ‘Spring’ I chose tulips. I viewed hundreds of images mainly posted on the internet by people who sell tulips. Below is the finished design.

Spring: Design stage

Each code represents a colour. The first is ‘dp’ or ‘deep purple’. Much later is ‘y’ or ‘yellow’. Last came ‘gr’ or ‘grey’. I basically paint by numbers. Deep purple, being the first colour, is given a ‘shift’ of zero. Yellow is given a shift of 36. The last colour to go on was grey with a shift of 84.

Step 2: Add a doodle.

Below is the finished doodle.

Spring: Doodle stage

This doodle affects the colour balance. The higher the number of a band, the greater the ‘red shift’. That is to say colours are pushed towards the red end of the spectrum. This can lead to weird effects such as yellow tulips getting tinged orange. Red gets darker and turns brown; White becomes grey, useful for clouds.

Step 3: Paint, one colour at a time.

Numbered colour sequence used in ‘Four Seasons’ including ‘Spring’

The band number of the doodle is added to the shift number of the colour area to determine the number of the colour needed. For example the first colour painted was the dark purple of the large tulips in the foreground. The shift was zero, and the band number was four, so the number needed was four, visible in the sequence above at the top right corner.

The result, hopefully, is a nice painting as featured below:

Spring: finished painting.

All 91 colours used in the series had to be preserved until all four paintings were completed. Why? Inevitably omissions occur. If the required colour is still sitting in the palette, it can easily be watered and applied. One advantage of gouache paint is that, like viruses, it just needs water to come to life again.

The whole series of completed paintings may be viewed in ‘Galleries’ then ‘Four Seasons’, or by clicking

I hope you enjoy these paintings as much as I enjoyed painting them.

Cactus 3D Papercraft

I proudly present Myrtillocactus geometrizans, a delightful cactus with edible berries.

Top view lowish def

For more images of this papercraft, including the lizard, please click Galleries then Myrtillocactus in the bar above.

For more info on this cactus please click this link:

I apologise for my long silence—due to pressure of work.


















Flowers with love

Desk Cal 02 Feb web

I have created a new desk calendar for 2015. I have added captions about love.     机のためのカレンダーを作りました。愛に関することばを聖書から引きました。

The full set may be viewed in the new gallery in “Galleries”, “Calendars”, “2015 Flowers with love”. このカレンダーの各面は”Galleries”, “Calendars”, “2015 Flowers with love”で見れます。

Sorry for the long silence. I have been busy. I will try to add posts every last Saturday of the month. 長いあいだに何も書いていないことのためにすみません。忙しかった。これから毎月の最後の土曜日ブログを書くつもりです。頑張ります。



How to make a Floral Pollen Grain

Ch 5 p4 desk cal photo

Desk calendar for 2015

Sorry for not posting anything new for nearly two months. I’ve been busy preparing a craft book.

If you click the below link

Ch5 merged

you can view the PDF file of chapter 5 of my craft book. The file may take time to load. Also the first page is blank. Don’t be put off. You can print the pages you want. I’m giving you permission to print and make paper models for non-commercial purposes. Enjoy!

I hope to post more regularly from now on, about once a month.



Slide Show Overload

Slide Overload complete

Slide Show Overload (2006)

Spring is coming, even if the Sochi Winter Olympics have just kicked off. I hope this painting gets you in the mood. It portrays a screen changing from showing a daffodil to showing plum blossoms.

Below are some details.

Slide Overload Flowers

The flowers

Slide Overload leafy corner

Leafy corner

Slide Overload off the edge
Beyond the edge

Slide Overload the title


Let us give thanks to God for beautiful nature around us.

Let us be good stewards of creation.