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Cactus 3D Papercraft

I proudly present Myrtillocactus geometrizans, a delightful cactus with edible berries.

Top view lowish def

For more images of this papercraft, including the lizard, please click Galleries then Myrtillocactus in the bar above.

For more info on this cactus please click this link:

I apologise for my long silence—due to pressure of work.


















How to make a Floral Pollen Grain

Ch 5 p4 desk cal photo

Desk calendar for 2015

Sorry for not posting anything new for nearly two months. I’ve been busy preparing a craft book.

If you click the below link

Ch5 merged

you can view the PDF file of chapter 5 of my craft book. The file may take time to load. Also the first page is blank. Don’t be put off. You can print the pages you want. I’m giving you permission to print and make paper models for non-commercial purposes. Enjoy!

I hope to post more regularly from now on, about once a month.



Slide Show Overload

Slide Overload complete

Slide Show Overload (2006)

Spring is coming, even if the Sochi Winter Olympics have just kicked off. I hope this painting gets you in the mood. It portrays a screen changing from showing a daffodil to showing plum blossoms.

Below are some details.

Slide Overload Flowers

The flowers

Slide Overload leafy corner

Leafy corner

Slide Overload off the edge
Beyond the edge
Slide Overload the title


Let us give thanks to God for beautiful nature around us.

Let us be good stewards of creation.