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Hello everyone! I’m a budding artist especially during the school holidays, an English teacher by day, and a pastor at any time.

In this blog I intend to show my art in my distinctive (weird?) style and to explain some of the secrets.

I live in Nara Japan encouraged by a loving family, inspiring nature, and aesthetically appreciative Japanese.

2 thoughts on “About Cy

  1. Rob Dolby

    Greetings Cousin,

    Very long time no see. I hope that you’re all well and happy. Didn’t get to thank you for the Christmas Card you kindly sent to us a couple of years age…how time flies. Just wanted to say how much i admire your artwork and wish you all well for the future.

    Kind Regards


    1. Supercy Post author

      Dear Rob,

      I’ve just seen your kind comment on my website “cysarts”. Thank you so much. Many kind regards from your cousin based in the East, Cy


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