Cy’s Organic Font

An experimental font featuring an alphabet of plants: “A” is for Abutilon; “B” is for Begonia; etc.

Org 1 AaBbCcD! for web

Org 2 dEeFfGg) for web

Org 3 HhIiJjKkl for web

Org 4 LMmNnOo( for web

Org 5 PpQqRro for web

Org 6 SsTtUuW for web

Org 7 VvXxYy for web

Org 8 Zz12345 for web

Org 9 67890 sharp for web

Org 10 currency for web

Org 11 account for web

Org 12 question for web


I still have not cleaned the background so you can see some of the inner workings of the creation process.

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