2008 Nature

I started painting in watercolours for the first time in quite a while and then made a calendar using these twelve works.

1 A Juliana in Winter web

A Juliana in Winter

2  Icicles in Our Garden web

Icicles in Our Garden

3  Hyacinth web


4  Cherry Blossoms web

Cherry Blossoms

5  A Butterfly in Our Garden web

A Butterfly in Our Garden

6  Hydrangea web


7  Fuchsia web


8  Gladiolus web


9  Morning Glory web

Morning Glory

10  Chrysanthemum web


11  Arashiyama Autumn web

Arashiyama Autumn

Arashiyama is a particularly beautiful spot in Kyoto, Japan.

12  Camellia in December web

Camellia in December Rain


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