Christmas Candle Ornaments

These are papercraft ornaments designed to fit on a small LED light which flickers like a candle.

Family shot for web



life for web

Jesus is life.


Inochi for web



ai for web



love for web

God is love.


light for web

God is light.


hikari for web



These are the nets.

life for web

inochi for web

ai for web

love net for web

light for web

hikari for web

These nets may be printed on A5 photo matte card (thickness 0.13 mm) to make ornaments that are about 7 cm tall.











One thought on “Christmas Candle Ornaments

  1. Mark Anderson

    Silly me. I didn’t realize the ornament you sent was to be placed over the electric candle. Very nice. Thank you, Cy.


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