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Irish Moss or Chondrus crispus

It isn’t a moss but it is Irish. That makes it one better than the Guinea pig, which is neither Guinean nor a pig.

Here is the complete weed on a sea background made of the soft wrappings used by florists to wrap bouquets.

Chondrus comp fr backed web

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Conus Shell


Conus assembled  4 (1)


Conus is a large genus of small to large predatory sea snails, marine gastropod molluscs, with the common names of cone snails, cone shells or cones. (Wikipedia

They are poisonous so they need careful handling. In fact they are best not handled. They are found mostly in tropical waters near coral reefs.

The shape and patterns inspired me to design and build this paper model. I feel like I am emulating the work of the Designer (but with far inferior intellect and ability).

More images and information on assembly are available in the gallery at!

I hope to continue adding posts and pages to the galleries once a month so please look forward to the next one on 3rd October. 

Projection-Mapped Starfish

starfish view

Welcome to my “Projection-Mapped Starfish”.

Despite the name no projection mapping technology was used in its production. Even the mathematics was done on paper with compasses, rulers and pencils.

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I hope to continue with Echinodermata by developing a paper craft model of the Leopard Sea Cucumber.



Sea Walnut

Sea Walnut 1 web

Sea Walnut Paper craft (2014)

One of my students remarked he could see God’s hand in the Sea Walnut paper craft. I think he was referring to the original creature swimming about in the ocean rather than the craft it inspired.

The Sea Walnut, Mnemiopsis leidyi, is an exciting bioluminescent comb jelly whose natural habitat is the Atlantic Ocean just off the North American seaboard. However it has been hitching a ride in the ballast of ships as far as the Black Sea, wreaking havoc on the local ecosystems and fishing industries by overfeeding on the zooplankton that the fish also feed on. Who could have believed that such a cute tennis ball-sized creature could cause so much trouble?

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