Starfish with “Projection Mapping”


starfish view

Welcome to my first work of 2015 — the Projection-Mapped Starfish.

The red knobbly pattern is provided by the Red Knobbed Starfish. For more info on this species click here The projected image is, naturally enough, a variety of starfish nestled on the sea floor.

birds view

The next image is birds seen looking up through the waves from below.

jellyfish view

Next come the jellyfish floating in shallow waters illuminated by sunlight from above.

sea walnut view

Then sea walnuts float in ghostly blue just a few tens of metres below the waves.

lantern fish view

The lantern fish prowls in deeper, darker waters.

manta view

The ventral surface sports an image of a manta seen above the observer silhouetted against the distant waves.

Below are images showing the geometric net, complicated patterns and painted templates — essential stages for the creation of a projection-mapped sea creature.

Starfish Ventral Net web


Starfish Ventral Pattern web


Starfish Ventral painted web


Starfish Dorsal Net web


Starfish Dorsal Pattern web


Starfish Dorsal painted web

These images still need to pass through Photoshop’s processes before they are fit for use in a craft book — one of my still unfulfilled dreams. I live in hope.

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