Doors for Grace (Advent Calendar)

Grace united image unopened for articulations 20151128

I set out to make a Christmas card and ended up with an Advent calendar.

This is the advent calendar in its basic state before the views behind the doors are installed from a separate sheet of hidden words. (The mechanics of door 21 are different leaving the word visible in this basic state.)

The idea for the calendar came from my work teaching English to a variety of students.

Students complain of poor vocabulary,

May I proclaim some heart vocabulary,

Let one word a day, heard in your heart,

Enrich all you say, and straighten your way.

Grace 1st

1st 一日、Love 愛

Grace 2nd

2nd 二日、 喜び Joy

Grace 3rd

3rd 三日、平安 Peace

Grace days 4th

4th 四日、光 Light

Grace days 5th

5th 五日、寛容 Patience

Grace 6th

6th 六日、親切 Kindness

Grace 7th

7th 七日、善意 Goodness

Grace 8th

8th 八日、真実 Faithfulness

Grace 9th

9th 九日、柔和 Gentleness

Grace 10th

10th 十日、自制 Self Control

Grace 11th

11th 十一日、真実 True

Grace 12th

12th 十二日、自由 Freedom

Grace days 13th

13th 十三日、誉れ Noble

Grace 14

14th 十四日、正しい Just

Grace 15th

15th 十五日、清い Pure

Grace 16th

16th 十六日、愛すべき Lovely

Grace 17th

17th 十七日、りっぱな Admirable

Grace days 18th

18th 十八日、すばらしい Excellent

Grace 19th

19th 十九日、ほむべき Praiseworthy

Grace 20th

20th 二十日、信仰 Faith

Grace days 21st

21st 二十一日、希望 Hope

Grace days 22nd

22nd 二十二日、知識 Knowledge

Grace 23rd

23rd 二十三日、赦し Pardon

Grace 24th

24th 二十四日、敬虔 Godliness

Grace 25th

25th 二十五日、恵み Grace



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