All the mobiles are based on the designs in the 2014 calendar “The Earth And All In It Are The LORD’s”. I am struck by the great variety of forms and patterns that exist in nature. To say that God has something to do with this is a huge understatement.

Thick paper (0.31mm thickness) was used to create all the solids in this collection except for the A7 nativity which required a thinner paper (0.14mm thickness).

Complete set mobile

The Earth And All In It (the complete set) 2013

All the solids were made from A5 paper. After I made this large mobile I felt it was a bit too ‘busy’. So I began to experiment with smaller sets. (See below.)

Pollen grain mobile

Pollen Grains (featuring twelve flowers) 2013

The twelve flowers are loosely connected to the twelve months. (The paper size ranges from A5 to A3.) I may base a desk calendar on this design.

Limpet mobile

Limpet Shells (side view showing dorsal surface) 2013

The dorsal and ventral surfaces provide an interesting contrast. (The paper size ranges from A6 to A2.)

Limpet mobile from under

Limpet Shells (view from below, showing ventral surface) 2013

The Limpets mobile was presented to my dear wife.

Sea Urchin mobile

Sea Urchins (from below) 2013

The Sea Urchins mobile was presented to my dear daughter. (The paper size ranges from just under A6 to A3.)

Dad's mobile with Rowntree

Apple, Spirogyra, Seeds (2013) displayed above a Rowntree work

The late Kenneth Rowntree was Professor of Fine Art at Newcastle University in the U.K.. The copyright is presumed to belong to the late professor’s estate. The mobile was presented to my dear father. (The paper size is A5, I think.)

Nativity mobile pref redu

Nativity (showing the three scenes) 2013

This last mobile takes pride of place in our church’s fellowship room. (The paper size ranges from A7 to A3.)








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