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Conus Shell


Conus assembled  4 (1)


Conus is a large genus of small to large predatory sea snails, marine gastropod molluscs, with the common names of cone snails, cone shells or cones. (Wikipedia

They are poisonous so they need careful handling. In fact they are best not handled. They are found mostly in tropical waters near coral reefs.

The shape and patterns inspired me to design and build this paper model. I feel like I am emulating the work of the Designer (but with far inferior intellect and ability).

More images and information on assembly are available in the gallery at!

I hope to continue adding posts and pages to the galleries once a month so please look forward to the next one on 3rd October. 

Projection-Mapped Starfish

starfish view

Welcome to my “Projection-Mapped Starfish”.

Despite the name no projection mapping technology was used in its production. Even the mathematics was done on paper with compasses, rulers and pencils.

More may be seen in Galleries; Paper Craft; Starfish… This includes details of the stages of production or secrets of the trade, and also six views of the completed starfish.

I hope to continue with Echinodermata by developing a paper craft model of the Leopard Sea Cucumber.



Sea Walnut

Sea Walnut 1 web

Sea Walnut Paper craft (2014)

One of my students remarked he could see God’s hand in the Sea Walnut paper craft. I think he was referring to the original creature swimming about in the ocean rather than the craft it inspired.

The Sea Walnut, Mnemiopsis leidyi, is an exciting bioluminescent comb jelly whose natural habitat is the Atlantic Ocean just off the North American seaboard. However it has been hitching a ride in the ballast of ships as far as the Black Sea, wreaking havoc on the local ecosystems and fishing industries by overfeeding on the zooplankton that the fish also feed on. Who could have believed that such a cute tennis ball-sized creature could cause so much trouble?

To see more images and a delightful seascape, see Galleries, Papercraft, “Sea Walnut” and “Seascape”.

How to make a Floral Pollen Grain

Ch 5 p4 desk cal photo

Desk calendar for 2015

Sorry for not posting anything new for nearly two months. I’ve been busy preparing a craft book.

If you click the below link

Ch5 merged

you can view the PDF file of chapter 5 of my craft book. The file may take time to load. Also the first page is blank. Don’t be put off. You can print the pages you want. I’m giving you permission to print and make paper models for non-commercial purposes. Enjoy!

I hope to post more regularly from now on, about once a month.



Re-refreshed Calendar



Volcano 火山


I am pleased to announce the addition of a complete refreshed 2014 calendar. I have finally mastered Photoshop (I hope) and here is the evidence (sample above). In <Galleries> <Calendars> <2014 The Earth…> please compare the images in (3) (Re-refreshed) with earlier ones in (1) and (2).

The next post will be four weeks later on Saturday 12th April. Hopefully I will be able to report on the long-delayed craft book project.



Introducing mobiles

Nativity mobile pref redu

Nativity (showing the three scenes) 2013

Today I assembled this mobile based on the December design of my calendar for next year, “The Earth All In It Are The LORD’s”.

Please check out “Galleries” “Mobiles” to see other mobiles based on this calendar. On average a mobile takes about three hours to make. They are very relaxing and make great room accessories. They need cleaning from time to time; a lens brush on a rubber bulb is the best device for this purpose.

Craft book sample chapter

Cal 14 12 E Nativity blueprint for web

I have finally managed to add a craft book sample to “Galleries”. It is very much a work in progress. Today it seems the very forces of hell have opposed me. I took me eight hours to convert a Word file into a jpeg file. My daughter took eight seconds to suggest the very method I eventually used. Tonight, WordPress is responding very slowly so I have taken about eight minutes to type this paragraph. They just thanked me for downloading a new version. I have yet to thank them.


In fairness to WordPress I think I’ve discovered the slowness has a lot to do with my choice of browser: now I realise Google Chrome allows much faster editing than Internet Explorer.

Next week, on 16th November I hope to refine the craft book and report on further progress.


2007 to 2013 — Light and so much more

Xmas 2009 for web

Christmas Prayer (2009)

In the last few years prayer has moved to the forefront of my designs — prayer for light and so much more in a darkened world. Some of the cards do appear dark, so the true light can be seen clearly — echoes of Isaiah 9:1,2.

This room completes (for now) the suite “Christmas Cards” in “Galleries”.

Next week on Saturday, 9th November, I hope to introduce one of two exciting projects. The first is my new craft book and the second is a collaboration in sight and sound with an exciting Canadian uncle (actually the grandson of my great-grandfather on my father’s side).

Gallery Introductions: The Earth and all in it

My latest gallery has a grand-sounding name, “The Earth and all in it”.

In it you will find not only the original designs

Cal 14 01 scan for web

but also photographs of the solids crafted from them.

C1401 photo for web

The Earth is the LORD’s

together with brief stories behind the images.

I hope eventually to publish a craft book to show how these solids may be assembled.


From the craft book

I have long been fascinated by patterns in nature, ranging from the microscopic to the cosmic. I have striven to maintain a child-like sense of wonder in my observations of space, skies, flowers and living creatures. I hope we may discover a common bond with people of all ages and cultures as we appreciate the beauty out there, and catch the hope that there is a meaning behind it all.


A bilingual explanation

Two months ago I tried to get a Christian publisher here in Japan to take up my designs for a calendar. I sent this bilingual explanation with the designs. In case you are wondering, I was politely turned down; but it was they who suggested I consider making a craft book.

説明 Explanation


タイトル Title




The Earth is the LORD’s.




Water is the LORD’s.




Light is the LORD’s.




Fire is the LORD’s.




Plants are the LORD’s.




Small creatures are the LORD’s.




Sea Urchins are the LORD’s.




Limpets are the LORD’s.




Food from the earth is the LORD’s.





Seeds are the LORD’s.





The fruit on the earth is the LORD’s.





We too are the LORD’s.


1:11, 12



Next week on Saturday 14th September, I hope to introduce the wonderful world of ‘Wasan’ or Japanese mathematics.. It is fascinating how much knowledge was independently discovered in Japan during the country’s isolation from the outside world prior to the Meiji Restoration in the 19th century.