Doors for Grace

Grace united image unopened for articulations 20151128

I present my Magnum Opus. (It took about 200 hours over a period of 3 months to complete.) I set out to make a Christmas card and ended up with an Advent calendar.

This is the advent calendar in its basic state before the views behind the doors are installed from a separate sheet of hidden words. (The mechanics of door 21 are different leaving the word visible in this basic state.)

The idea for the calendar came from my work teaching English to a variety of students.

Students complain of poor vocabulary,

May I proclaim some heart vocabulary,

Let one word a day, heard in your heart,

Enrich all you say, and straighten your way.

Starting on 1st December, I hope to add one post a day as each door is opened to reveal a hidden word. Enjoy and be enriched!


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